Thursday, 8 March 2012

Disabled Artist With there Art- Stephen Wiltshire

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This world is full of Artistic peoples, we see a lot of people who are normal but have very good artistic work. but what do you think, if a person is disable but he has very strong Artistic sense............ yes, there are some examples, some of these disabled people are famous and others are not we will discuss All in parts. 
We’ve collected biographies and sample pieces from outstanding disabled artists, both famous and lesser-known.
The artists below paint with their hands, their mouths and their feet.
Many are blind or suffer from mental disabilities, yet they produce some of the most beautiful and intricate artwork that you can imagine.
Their achievements are arguably epic in the face of the adversity that they face.
We hope that the artists in this post inspire your designs and make you look at adversity in any field as a surmountable obstacle.

Stephen Wiltshire

Disability: Autistic Savant

Wiltshire was born in 1974 in London to West Indian parents. He is an autistic savant and world famous architectural artist. He learned to speak at the age of nine, and at the age of ten began drawing detailed sketches of London landmarks. While he has created many prodigious works of art, his most recent was a eighteen foot wide panoramic landscape of the skyline of New York City, after only viewing it once during a twenty minute helicopter ride.

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